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It’s Endora here but you can call me Endii!

A little about myself? I am a wife, I am mother, I am a beautypreneur, I AM HADASSAH ARTISTRY.  Welcome to my empire where you experience the epitome of beauty.


What started off as a mere hobby 10 years ago, evolved into an obsession for hair and makeup. Which led to pursue her licensure in cosmetology. 

Endora specializes in relaxed hair care, silk presses, weaves, custom units and makeup. 

The Bridal industry is one that she is very VERY passionate about: “I find it to be the greatest honor when a bride hires me to be her hair or makeup artist for such a monumental day in her life. I don’t take it for granted and I make sure to go above and beyond to create the best experiences for my brides”


I would like to insert a little thank you note to all my past, present and future clients and brides. Thank you for trusting me, challenging me and taking this journey with me... I am who I am because of you... yes YOU! My prayer and goal is to continue to grow and challenge myself just so that I can serve you better! 

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